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Celebrating Family

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for everything you did for the naming ceremony for our two daughters a couple of months ago.  We couldn’t have been happier with the way you handled the event, from the way you helped us put together the ceremony plan, through to the day itself.  All of our guests commented on how impressed they were with you, and how the ceremony felt really special and personal, even those who had never heard of a naming ceremony before! It was a truly magical day that we’ll remember forever."


A picture of a home-made Stickman, with eyes, a smile and red scarf.

Naming Ceremonies

When a child enters your life a new family begins, and that is something worth celebrating!  A naming ceremony differs to a traditional christening because the main focus is not religion, instead it is the child and their family. 


Every naming ceremony is unique and tailored around your family's needs.  For something extra memorable, why not have it themed around your child's favourite book or toy?  Unity ceremonies are a lovely addition to the celebrations too.  

From £400

Emily kneeling at a table at the front of the ceremony space,  in a marquee, chatting with a little girl before the ceremony begins.  There is a flower arch, decorated in pink gauze and flowers.

Welcoming Ceremonies

Adopting a child of any age is such a wonderful event, and one that should be celebrated.  Why not take the opportunity to formally welcome your child into your family with a Welcoming Ceremony. 


If they are old enough, it is great to involve them in the creation of the celebrations themselves. I will liaise with you all to make sure that the celebrations really represent your child and family at this incredibly important time in your lives.

From £400

A parent holding a young child and making faces at them, whilst they look on with curiosity and happiness.

Blending Celebrations

Perhaps you and your partner have recently become step parents, and want to celebrate your new family.  By acknowledging the new roles each of you now have and making promises to one another demonstrates the unity and togetherness of your new family. 


It is lovely to involve everyone in some way, and a good way of doing this is through a unity ceremony which visually symbolises the creation of a new family.  


From £400

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