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Celebrating your Marriage or
Civil Partnership

Once you have completed your legal paperwork, you are free to celebrate your Marriage or Civil Partnership anyway, anywhere and anyhow!

"I just wanted to say thank you for guiding us to a perfect blend of tradition and eccentricity.  Your insight into our relationship, personal touch and sprinkling of humour  made any nerves we had fade away and delighted our guests."

Charlie & Becky

J&J's brightly coloured festival wedding sign post pointing in different directions to the ceremony, bar and camping.  There are glamping tipi's in the background.

Your personal Ceremony journey

The process of creating your bespoke celebration ceremony is as individual as you. 


Face-to-face meetings may work for some, but not all.  A busy work schedule, living abroad and life in general, can make this challenging. So, perhaps you'd prefer chatting by video call, through emails and questionnaires, or a mix of everything? I will fit in with whatever works best for you.

During your ceremony journey, I will be finding out about your love story, what makes you such a perfect couple, your dreams for your future along with lots more wonderful detail.  From this, I shall create your own personal biography that will form the basis of your bespoke ceremony.


A bride and groom, walking hand in hand, smiling at one another, along a grassy bank next to a marina.  They bride is dressed in a strapless long flowery dress and wearing a flower crown.  The groom is in a smart tweed jacket, bow tie and black trousers.

Creating your Ceremony

Whatever your vision, know that I will work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams.


Organising special moments in your life should be enjoyable, with minimal stress, and communication is an important way to reduce any anxieties.  I will always be available to you by email, at the end of a phone, video calls and for extra meetings to help put your mind at ease, so you enjoy the process of creating your perfect day.

Remember that it is your ceremony, so if you would like any changes or additions, just let me know.  I want to make sure that your script is just right for you.

Before the big day, you may like a rehearsal or you may not.  We can discuss the individual benefits of this for your own distinct ceremony during the planning process. 

Emily animatedly chatting with a groom before the ceremony begins.  They are standing at the front of a barn and all the guests are seated.

On the Day

You can rest assured that I will arrive early to check that the ceremony space is just right.  I will meet your guests, hand out confetti, the order of services and anything else I can do to be of any last-minute help! 


Following the ceremony, I will slip off quietly, leaving you to celebrate your special day with your family and friends. 


As a memento of your celebration ceremony, I will leave a copy of your bespoke script as a treasured keepsake of your special day.

From £800

Renewal of vows

Renewing your Vows

"Annie and I want to thank you for making our vow renewal such a special day for us yesterday.
Everything went just as we would have wanted."

Graham & Annie

A husband and wife rededicating their wedding rings as they celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, outside in a hotel garden.  They are smiling at one another.

Renew your Marriage or Civil Partnership Vows

Couples usually start thinking about renewing their vows once they have reached their first anniversary.  You have the freedom to host your celebrations where and when you choose and to include whatever you like. 

You may have decided to renew your vows to mark a special anniversary, milestone, or in recognition of overcoming a difficult period in your relationship.  You may have loved your wedding day so much that you want to recreate your magical experience!  The reasons to renew your vows are as unique yourselves, and, whatever the reason, your ceremony can be as intimate or as extravagant as you choose.


A husband and husband signing their commemorative certificate in front of a delicious chocolate cake.  Emily is watching on, making sure that they sign in the right place.

Creating your Renewal of Vows Ceremony

I will spend time with you, creating a personal ceremony that truly reflects both of you and where you are in your relationship. You may now have a family that you would like to be included, and I can liaise with them to help explain your thoughts and ideas.

Couples often mark these occasions by rededicating their rings, including a unity ceremony, writing their own promises and exchange gifts.  You may like a big party or prefer an intimate ceremony involving just the two of you.  We will chat through your plans and together find what feels most comfortable and the best reflection of you.

From £700

Commitment Ceremony

Affirming your love

"I just wanted to say thank you, from Jenny and myself, for delivering such a wonderful ceremony.

 I don’t think there was a single man who did not at some point laugh and not a single lady who wasn’t in tears! 

Perfect.  For us the ceremony was perfect.

Thank you."

Rene & Jenny

A handfasting with colourful ribbons

Commitment Ceremony

Perhaps you would like to celebrate your life-long commitment to each other, without the legalities, if so, this ceremony is for you.  A commitment or affirmation ceremony allows you to declare your love and commitment to each other in front of your friends and family.  


As there are no legal constraints you have the freedom to host it where and when you like and include whatever is right for you.  I will meet with you to chat through your ideas and thoughts, and make sure that your ceremony is a clear reflection of you and your relationship.


These ceremonies are always deeply personal to those involved and really reflect their unconditional love and dedication.  

From £700

A bride and groom, holding hands as they are air-bound as they jump over a decorated broom whilst their guests clap and cheer.

Unity Ceremony

If you like the idea of adding something a bit different to your celebrations, then unity ceremonies may be perfect for you!  Perhaps 'tying the knot' with a handfasting or creating a special cocktail that represents the sweetness and decadence of your unique relationship.  There are plenty to choose from and I enjoy creating new ones just for you too.  

Unity ceremonies are not just for couples and can play a key part in any ceremony. Perhaps you would like to symbolise the arrival of your child by lighting a candle in their honour, or ask your guests to write down wishes and hopes for your child then hang these on a wishing tree.

It may be important to you to include cultural or religious rituals to represent your upbringing or heritage.  We can work together to make sure that these are respectfully included in your ceremony.


Included as part of any ceremony package

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