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Adapting your Wedding plans for COVID-19 - Top tips

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Inspiring ways to tailor your wedding celebration ceremony

There are many ways that your ceremony can be adapted to meet the coronavirus guidelines, and with just a little tweaking, your guests will barely notice! . I am currently working hard with those who are postponing or modifying their wedding ceremony celebrations to reassure them that they will still enjoy personalised and bespoke ceremonies when their big day arrives.

Your guests

It is likely that the number of people able to attend will be less than you had originally planned, but this doesn’t mean that anyone has to miss out. Why not set up a live camera feed at the back of your ceremony space so that every smile, tear and laugh is shared with your friends, wherever they are in the world? If the current guidelines allow, create a more intimate vibe, make sure that the chairs are in a horse-shoe, rather than straight lines. It will feel as if your guests are giving you a metaphysical hug! It may be that guests are best sitting in their bubbles around tables so there is a cabaret vibe going on. This works really well, especially for evening ceremonies.

Perhaps someone that you were hoping would take part in your ceremony can’t make it. No problem! Use a live feed or ask them to pre-record their piece so it can be projected onto a screen during the ceremony. Personal videos are such a fabulous touch.

Unity Ceremonies

Involving guests in a #unityceremony may need rethinking. Below are four inspiring alternative ideas:

Creating a love-knot

An excellent alternative to handfasting is tying a unity #loveknot. Traditionally, this is known as a fisherman’s knot because it was given as a symbol of love by their partner, before they went to sea. Before your ceremony, either make the two braids yourselves, or ask your families to create them. During the celebrations, use the braids to tie a true lovers knot, which is made from two interlocking knots (I can show you how to do this). These knots can move freely, but when under pressure, or pulled, they become stronger and cannot be broken. By using braids gifted by family or friends, you are acknowledging their support of your marriage and commitment.


The #Quaich has roots in Scottish tradition and is a lovely way to include your guests. A Quaich is a drinking bowl with two handles; perfect for a couple to share. It has two important symbolic roles; it is a symbol of the shared love between the couple and is also a cup of friendship.

During the ceremony, the couple pour a drink into the Quaich (traditionally, it is a dram of whisky, but you can choose whatever you like), then holding a handle each, offer one another a sip, before raising a toast to their guests. If you don’t have a Quaich, then this can always be adapted by using glasses, tankards, or champagne flutes. The important point is that the ceremony is a true reflection of you.

Lighting a unity candle

This ceremony reflects the unity of a couple and the uniqueness of their individuality. Two taper candles are lit before the ceremony begins to symbolise the couple and their life experiences. These may be lit by a member of each family. During the ceremony, the couple light the unity candle from their individual candles to demonstrate their commitment. The two taper candles remain lit to reflect the importance of maintaining your individuality whilst also being united together in marriage.

Hand washing and cleansing ritual

Before the ceremony begins, a big bowl of warm, soapy water, adorned with flower petals and sweet-smelling fruits, is placed on the ceremony table. Make sure you have two hand towels behind the table ready to use afterwards. Before the couple exchange personal promises, in turn, they symbolically wash away their past; ‘washing their hands’ from old concerns and worries. Once this has been done, their partner dries their hands. By doing this, the couple are demonstrating their readiness to commit and the start of a fresh new stage of their lives together.

The confetti shot

Another important moment in your wedding ceremony that may need rethinking is your #confettishot. A great alternative is to use bubble machines. Bubbles create such a beautiful effect and bring our inner-child out to play! As they slowly bob around, capturing the light, your guests will be desperately trying to catch them, and you will get some fantastic photos!

Cutting your wedding cake

We all love cake, and your wedding cake is likely to be an integral part of your day. Make sure that your guests watching on-line don’t miss out on seeing this show-stopper, by having it pride of place, on the ceremony table, and cut it at the close of your ceremony. Follow this special moment with your first dance, so all your guests really feel included, and know that they were an important part of your wedding day.

There are plenty more simple ways to adapt your wedding ceremony. If you would like more #weddinginspiration or #weddingideas on how to do this or are starting your wedding planning journey, please do get in touch.

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